Friday, August 11, 2017

Baby Shower Themed Gift Ideas

 photo bs_zpsex1bd2oh.jpg

With my Baby Shower right around the corner (This Saturday!) Baby shower gifts have been on my mind. And I'm not talking gifts for myself. I've gotten so many ideas on what I'd love to gift my friends whenever it's their turn to have a baby.

What I normally do is check out their registries and tie in pieces I think would look cute with their registry picks! I try to make "themes" out of the gifts I choose.

For my friends Baby shower a few months ago, I chose a "bath theme" where I purchased the bathtub she wanted on her registry,  and paired it with items like rubber duckies, washcloths, a hooded towel, and some Baby Shampoo, Body Wash and Lotions and a Book related to bath time.

 photo baththeme_zpscjagyqcr.jpg

Bathtub | Bath Rinser | Rubber Duckies | Washcloths | Hooded Towel | Baby Wash Set |

Some other great ideas for themed gifts would be:

Laundry Themed- You can get some clothespins and string and hang the onesies and socks on the string and put them in the laundry basket. So as they pull them out they will be attached on the string by the clothespins. 
 photo laundrytheme_zpsvlkswlt0.jpg

Laundry Baskets | Laundry DetergentOnesies | Socks

Fill a Diaper Bag- Get a diaper bag and fill it with baby bottles,  Baby Wipes (even a cute wipe case) , Some plain onesies just in case an accident happens when on the go and you need a quick change, Snacks.

 photo db_zps7baz025g.jpg

Diaper BagBaby Bottles | Baby Wipes | Wipe Case Plain Onesies

Sun Theme- Perfect for a Summer Baby, or a family who travels often. Keep baby protected with sunscreen, sunglasses and hat, and complete the set with some fun items like a fun towel,  beach toys and a beach chair.
 photo suntheme_zpsms128vzd.jpg
Baby sunscreen| beach towel | baby beach chair | splash mat |sunglasses | hat.

Some other ideas:

Sleepy Theme-Humidifier, Nightlight, Calming Essential Oils, Snuggly Stuffed animals, and Calming Sounds.

Bed Theme- Similar to the Sleepy Theme, but some alternatives like you could get some bed sheets,  A cute lamp, and a musical mobile.

Safety Theme- First Aid Baby kit,  Owlet baby monitor, Baby video or sound monitors,

Have you ever gifted someone a "themed" baby shower gift? I'd love to hear what you did!
Do you have any other ideas for themes?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Lace Details

Hoping everyone had a great weekend! I feel like time is flying by, and the weeks are getting shorter and I am starting to run out of time getting everything ready for baby.  One thing I know for sure though, is that I have found the best maternity clothing line to be comfortable along the way.

I know I have mentioned before, but I can honestly say I love PinkBlush and all of their clothing! I just can't get enough! I have yet to find something I wasn't happy with.

These shorts are one of my main go-to's this Summer. They are cute and comfy and remind me of my old Hollister shorts I used to fit in. (But much more affordable!) They have the comfortable elastic waistband that stretches as I grow. I love that these shorts can be paired with any top for a cute look. I kept it basic and casual with a regular V neck T-shirt. I really love the lace details. It sets them apart from just the ordinary basic jean shorts.

I really love the subtle lace details and the fringed edges. These shorts are my favorite shorts that's for sure! Comfy, stylish and cute all in one! I'll be sharing some more of my favorite maternity dresses soon! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How To Make Some Extra Cash and Score Free Products

Did you know you an score FREE products and make commissions just by blogging or shopping? There are many ways to do this! I'm going to share the ones I love the most and have used myself.

ShareASale: The site is easy to use and you can sign up to be an affiliate for merchants like Lulus, Groop Dealz, Jane, Modcloth, Zulily, TinyPrints, Gymboree, Wayfair, and so much more! Those are just a few I shop at myself and love. It's super easy to signup. Once you get approved you can "join" to be an affiliate at shops that relate to your blog. I usually choose clothing shops that I can relate to. (Since I already shop there!) The shops also post when they have great sales and coupons so you can help your readers find a great deal!
Seriously check it out. You don't have anything to lose!

Ebates: I'm sure you've heard about ebates before, but if you haven't, did you know you can make $ just by shopping at your favorites stores? You're already doing the shopping, you might as well make some money back while doing so! Plus if you sign up now using my link, you get $10 free to use! Shop at Macy's, Walmart, Nordstrom, Kohls, JCPennys, Dicks Sporting Goods and more! You don't need to do your shopping online, as it automatically links to your credit card. So in store purchases still get you some extra $ for the Holidays.

Amazon Site Stripes:  If you use Amazon as much as I do, this is perfect for you! You can promote products that you already buy and use the affiliate link on your blog or social media to promote your favorite products that you already buy!

PinchMe: Get Free Samples By Mail. This one is great if you want to try out free samples of products. You have to be ready on the day they announce them because they do go fast!  But it's great because when you do grab em, they will mail them to you and you can test them out. They also send special offers and coupons so you can use for your favorite products. I've gotten free shampoo, dog food, lotion, Z-Quil and more! All you have to do to continue receiving products is test them out, and write a review on them.

Do you use any sites that you earn money from? I'd love to hear what sites you've used or heard of in the comments!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Recap x 2

Hello all! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I can't believe July is practically over. I'm still not sure how that happened.
I haven't done a recap in a while so I figured it was time to do a little catch up. (Two weekends combined into one post!)

Last weekend my husband and I took a little mini vacation/baby-moon in Palm Springs. (Won from Ellen!) We had such a fun time and met some new friends. Once we arrived, we knew we wanted to grab lunch. So of course, I yelped some placed nearby that were different than what we are used to getting. We tried a handcrafted burger place called Eureka. It was pretty tasty.  After eating we were craving some good ice cream so were starting to head to get some when a light came up on my husbands truck that we had never seen before. Something about a system failure, so we took it in to a Ford dealership right away! Luckily they were still open when this happened and we didn't end up being stranded in Palm Springs! We were there for a good two hours and luckily they were able to fix the issue.

By then, we just wanted to get back to the hotel to enjoy some pool time.
We ended up staying at the pool a while before we went out to dinner at a place a friend recommended called "The Nest." It was pretty good, but a little overpriced for the taste. I think they are trying to make it more of an upscale restaurant. My husband got the Filet and I got a Sausage pasta. Both came with salad and dessert. We chose the chocolate mousse.
We made it an early night because we knew we wanted to enjoy the pool the entire next day.

We woke up and had breakfast in the hotel lobby and then headed to the pool.  I of course had to get a lovely Virgin Pina Colada! It was so yummy!  We went back to the room around 5 pm to get ready for dinner. Hubby treated me to Mastros. My favorite! I haven't wanted steak at all this pregnancy, which is weird to me (I also like it cooked medium rare and since I can't have it prepared that way I just can't have it any other way hah) So I opted for the Salmon. Which was fantastic by the way! We had creamed corn, brocolli, and mashed potatoes and of course finished it off with the amazing buttercake!

We really enjoyed ourselves and had a nice relaxing getaway that was much needed!

This weekend was spent planning for my baby shower coming up in two weeks!
My cousins came over and we went over details and made a few items for the party.
We also shopped for some gifts for the game prizes.  I sported this beautiful dress from PinkBlush on Saturday. I love the navy color and lace details and that it comes with a belt to show off the bump. (Officially 31 weeks today!)

This dress is so comfortable--Especially in this heat! I love that I will be able to wear it after having the baby too! It's the perfect dress for on the go!

Navy Lace Accent Belted Maternity Dress


Monday, July 17, 2017

Another PinkBlush Find

I just booked a maternity session with a local photographer and was on the hunt for the perfect dress. We get two outfit changes, so I know I will be in need of another dress so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  I knew I wanted at least one of my dresses to be long and flowy. I love the style of this dress from PinkBlush. (Can you tell I am obsessed with them?) They just have too many dresses that are so cute! It's hard to just pick one!

I found this colorful number and knew I had to have it! (It can also be worn after baby- which was a huge selling point for me.) Also, I will be able to breastfeed in this dress too! Another win-win! I loved the bright and fun colors, and since baby girl is due in October, I wanted something with longer sleeves to keep warm in the cooler months, yet still be cute!

Navy Abstract Floral Dress 
One thing I was worried about and usually am when ordering long dresses, is the length. Because I am 5"4 and on the shorter side, it's hard to find dresses that fit perfectly in the length. This dress was not even an issue! I can wear flats (as you can see) and the dress doesn't drag on the ground. I can even switch it up ad add some wedges or heels and it will still be the perfect length! I just love everything about this dress.

They are also having some awesome Summer Blowout sales right now! 
You can get 20% off Sitewide using code: SUMMERSTYLE or 25% off ALL dresses going on now! Code: GETDRESSEDUP (valid for 2 more days)

I'm not even an affiliate for PinkBlush, I just LOVE everything they have! 
Have you purchased anything from them before? I'd love to hear what you got!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shop PinkBlush Maternity Dress

Remember reading my last post regarding me being on the hunt for the perfect Baby Shower dress? Well, not only did I find my dress (more on that later), I ended up finding a few more maternity dresses that I couldn't live without. One of my favorites I came across is this beauty:

Ivory Floral Print Fitted Maternity Dress
Ivory Floral Print Fitted Maternity Dress

The colors in this dress are flattering for every skin color. I am not tan at all right now, and was worried the white in the dress would wash me out, but the floral colors really made the white pop and looked amazing against my skin color! One thing I have been concerned about while shopping for dresses is comfort. This dress is so comfortable; the material is soft and stretchy which will easily accommodate my growing bump. (And we know this baby is growing!) The length is long enough to feel confident even with my growing bump, that way I won't have to worry about it riding up in the next few months as I continue to grow this beautiful miracle.

What I love most about this dress is that it can be dressed up or down. I recently wore it for my husband and I's Wedding Anniversary date night last night and it was the perfect dress for the occasion.  I know I will be wearing this dress this summer to keep cool from the crazy hot California weather too. 

PinkBlush not only has dresses, but they have regular everyday clothes as well! Seriously the cutest trendy online boutique! And they don't have a hefty price tag. I personally know how hard it is to come across cute maternity clothes and with PinkBlush I have no worries. I know I will find something that I love and cannot live without. Also, you get 10% off your first order by signing up for their e-mail subscription! (Of course you can cancel this at any time.)

Have you ever shopped at PinkBlush?  If so, what was your favorite item? 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

With my Baby Shower fast approaching, I've realized I still need to find the perfect outfit!
Since it will be in the hot part of summer, I want to make sure it's comfortable and cool.  I love the long Maxi dresses and skirts but since the weather is supposed to be so warm, I'm sure I would be more comfortable in a shorter dress. I am really into the lacey dresses and also florals. (And Pink of course since she is a girl!)

1. Harhay Women's Sleeveless Lace

2. Hello Miz Lace

   3. Hello Miz Floral

I love how the first one is sleeveless, and can also be worn after baby girl arrives. It's loose enough where I'd still feel comfortable wearing it, whereas the others I may be a little self conscious with them being more form fitting.

Summer Dress

These aren't necessarily maternity dresses, but they would totally work! I love the summer fruity dresses! How fun are they?

Flirty Florals

 The above are not necessarily for the Baby Shower, but they could totally work! I love the stripes! Found on (My favorite!)

I've also been obsessing over everything on Pink Blush Maternity. I remember coming across them before I got pregnant, and thinking "Wow! These are super cute for Maternity clothes!" So I knew I had to save them for future reference. I have a hard time deciding which are my favorites, it's hard to pick just one!

One / Two / Three / Four
One / Two / Three

As you can tell, I am leaning more towards florals than lace. Since I wore a lacey dress for the Gender Reveal party, I think I want more of a floral one for this occasion! Classy, Comfy and Cute! But Pink Blush also has some beautiful floral dresses too!

I think I am also wanting to have pink in the dress, since the Baby Shower colors are Pink, Gold, and Grey. Once that's picked out, next step is finding shoes! Any suggestions?

Also I just found out Pink Blush has 15% off Sitewide, use code SUMMERDEAL at checkout.

Some links in the post may contain affiliate links. By using our link, we may receive a small commission if anything is purchased. We always appreciate it!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Nursery Room Inspiration

Once we officially found out the gender, I started viewing nursery inspiration on Pinterest.-- For those of you who do not already know, we are having a Baby Girl. You can read more about our Gender Reveal party here.  

I became quickly obsessed with Gold, Pink and Grey and decided to design our nursery room in those colors. I knew I wanted grey walls with pink and gold details throughout the room.

I found a crib sheet set on Carousel Designs that I instantly fell in love with. So I knew I wanted to incorporate chevron and polka dot patterns in the room too!


I also really love the shabby chic picture frames, and hope to somehow incorporate that into our design.  I will be working with a designer from Laurel and Wolf to help design the nursery. I won it from the Ellen show, so I will be using it towards the nursery! (More on that later) P.S. they are offering 50% off their design services using code SUMMER50.

I just love these colors together! We are pretty set on painting the walls grey, and my parents just purchased our crib and dresser in a lighter grey so I am thinking we will go with a little darker grey than originally planned. I think it's going to turn out really cute and I can't wait to share the process!